Dog Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Play Dates, Dog Party Planner

Party Animals Dog Party Planner and Play Date, LLC provides a professional, caring, fun loving, interactive service between our facility and your pet in a safe and affectionate environment.

Our services:

We know that you’re stressed while you’re planning a vacation and the only thing you know for sure is that you want to leave your pet(s) at home. No fear, Party Animals is here!

Dog Sitting We know your dog misses you so we provide a loving, caring environment during our stay. We offer one-on-one time with your dog, plenty of physical activity so he/she is stimulated and not bored throughout the day.

Cat Sitting Excellent for those who need someone to take care of their feline while going on vacation!

Dog Walking Helps promote sound wellness and physical stimulation for your special friend while you’re away.

Play Dates Our belief is that every dog/puppy deserves a strong, vigorous life style to stay in good mental and physical shape. We make sure your dog stays active during our entire session by playing on our mini agility set as well as other activities so your best friend isn’t bored.

Dog Party Planner Party Animals hosts unforgettable parties that your pup’s pals will be barking about for months to come. Parties come complete with festive décor, delicious doggie treats, and interactive games.

Giving Back In addition, Suzi West, our founder, promises to make a special animal's life a little better through her give–back pay–it–forward project.

Hours 6:00am — 7:00pm.
Time doesn't meet your needs? Tell us and we will accommodate or hours to fit your needs.

Bonded and Insured