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Hotels/Motels – Caring for Pets of Guests

More and more hotels and motels are allowing pets to stay with their humans (and that’s great!). You may be there for business, for a vacation, or to visit family. A new service we can offer is to pick up your dog and give him or her a walk (as many times a day as you want) for your entire stay or whenever you need us. Let’s talk about how we can help!

Overnight Stays/House Sitting

If you need a trained member of our team to stay overnight with your pet(s), please give us a call. Whether it’s one night or three weeks, we’ll take care of your requests and your pets’ routines. And of course we’ll make sure your pets feel safe, secure, and loved.

Dog Wedding Chaperone

Having your dog with you on your wedding day is the icing on the cake!

We can make your magical day complete by taking care of your pup before and after the unforgettable walk down the aisle

During your very special event, we will:

  • Be a loving companion while your pooch is waiting for his or her turn to participate
  • Make sure he or she goes on plenty of walks
  • Feed your pup and provide them with plenty of water                       
  • Get your dog ready to participate
  • Take them back home after their fun-filled day

And now we pronounce you “husband and wife … and dog!” It would be our honor to provide our services to you and your dog on your wedding day.