Suzi West is a pet owner and true animal lover. Volunteering at the Orange County and Irvine animal shelters for years she was able to fulfill her need to be close to animals that needed her love, kindness and understanding.

It has always been Suzi’s dream to build a business based on the philosophy that both the owners and pets can interact in a fun and loving environment with friends!

Suzi loves all pooches and pups and looks forward to letting all their human take a little time off while she makes all their puppy dreams come true.

Suzi wants to give back to the community so every 6 months she will sponsor a dog in need (surgery), a non-profit no kill shelter, or an animal that desperately needs funds to be relocated so it can live it’s life in its natural habitat for the remainder of its life.

After the six month period Suzi will give an update on our contributions to the organization and an updated status of the dog and will choose another animal in need for the following 6 months.